Mickey Truck Bodies Announces New Division


               Mickey Truck Bodies is pleased to announce its new division, Mickey Engineered Vehicles.  Mickey Engineered Vehicles provides specialty vehicle upfitters with a competitive advantage by customizing the design and manufacture of truck bodies specific to their needs in the areas of emergency response, medical, communications, as well as specialized vehicles and non-vehicle prototypes.  This sharp focus is accomplished by taking the time to fully understand customers’ business objectives, standardize customer requirements, and assess the operational environment in which their customers’ vehicles operate.  This translates into specialty vehicles that fully meet customer requirements, are delivered on time, and at a lower cost than competition, thus ensuring customer success.  Mickey Engineered Vehicles’ is a logical extension of the original philosophy of Mickey Truck Bodies’ vision; meaning they provide their customers highly customized products with strength, precision, and quality they can trust.

               Mickey Truck Bodies provides the new division with 235,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities and state of the art machinery for constructing vehicles, prototypes, and other specialty units.  In addition, the division leverages a solid group of professional-engineering veterans with experience in the trucking industry.  These superior engineers are continuously creating original platforms as they develop advanced products.  Furthermore, the division helps customers solve business problems by developing solutions derived from its unique Service Delivery Model.  The Service Delivery Model embraces the service-product-solution framework similar to the innovative Aachen Quality Management Model developed at The Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering in Germany.  The model is centered on Mickey Engineered Vehicles placing complete focus on their customers so they can identify and anticipate their needs.  This is supported by Mickey Truck Bodies’ experience and devotion to solving individual customer problems.   Mickey Engineered Vehicles’ utilizes its facilities, professional engineers, and unique Service Delivery Model to generate unrivalled value for customers within the specialty vehicle industry.

               Mickey Engineered Vehicles is an operating division of Mickey Truck Bodies; a family owned and operated business since 1904, headquartered in High Point, NC which specializes in designing and manufacturing the highest quality truck bodies within the beverage, ambulance, van and many industries that require specialty vehicles.

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