Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

During our over 100 years of successful business and innovation Mickey Engineered Vehicles has acquired, built, and deployed state-of-the-art technology and facilities that help us keep our leading edge on the specialty vehicles market.

Among the many innovations and cutting-edge equipment available at our facilities are the following:


A computer-driven Amada Turret Press with totally programmable tooling stations for absolute accuracy and quality of parts fabrication. It was reportedly one of only two such systems running in the U.S. at the time of purchase.

Amada Turret Press

A computer-driven CNC plasma-cutting machine, which enables our operators to cut large aluminum sheets. The larger format facilitates the manufacturing of one-piece skins, resulting in the elimination of unsightly rivets, caulking or bondo application used to adjoin two separate sheets into a single skin.

Computer-driven CNC plasma-cutting machine

In addition to being more aesthetically appealing the one-piece skin is much more durable and significantly reduces costly repairs due to cracking and popping rivets.

We use Almega EX-V6L robots, the most state-of-the-art robotic welder known to industry, which are designed to enhance product quality and improve manufacturing productivity and efficiency at the same time.

Almega EX-V6L robots

A powerful computer-assisted design (CAD) system with three-dimensional solid modeling that allows our engineers to set specific features for one component of a specialty vehicle and let the CAD system automatically modify the specs of all other components.

The result is a much stronger, more durable specialty vehicle because all the components are designed, built and assembled in relation to one another.

Our engineers are able to do greater analytical work in a design environment by quickly assessing any variety of “what if” scenarios, allowing the company to respond quickly and factually to customer inquiries regarding new features and feature enhancements for their specialty vehicles.


Mickey Engineered Vehicles has approximately 250,000 square feet – at its High Point, NC headquarters complex alone – of manufacturing, finishing and administrative space. During the past few years we have invested several million dollars in new fixtures, equipment, manufacturing technology and technical training.

In addition, we feature the Mickey’s “Winner’s Circle”, a separate building painted throughout in pristine white, where every finished specialty vehicle is brought into for one final, “ultimate” inspection before it is delivered to the customer.

The finished specialty vehicles are checked to ensure 100% quality of welds, mounting, electrical wiring, features, options, painting and decals. A well-trained, dedicated team of quality assurance specialists – whose only job is to make sure that every unit is a “winner” – conducts the inspections.

Our Mickey’s Winner’s Circle facility is equipped with a new computer system networked to the sales, engineering and scheduling departments, in order to enable the trained staff to validate that the finished specialty vehicle complies with the original work order on a feature-by-feature basis.


• State-of-the-art robotic, equipment for precise welding, cutting, and manufacturing.

• Cutting-edge, industrial CAD software for world-class design of our specialty vehicles.

• Over 250,000 square feet, in headquarters alone.

• “Winner’s Circle” facility for final inspection.

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