Case Study: North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation

Case Study: North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) – Bomb Squad Transportation Unit

The Challenge

The SBI assists local law enforcement with criminal investigations. They work closely with local police and Sheriffs, district attorneys, federal investigators, and federal prosecutors. Their Special Operations Unit specializes in investigations and responses related to weapons of mass destruction and hazardous devices. They also handle bombs, biological weapons, and other explosives.

SBI required a specialty vehicle designed to transport sophisticated electronic equipment and many other critical demolition supplies. The layout of storage compartments and the placement of doors on the truck body of the specialty vehicle had to have sufficient size and quick access to mission critical equipment while also providing ample space for on-board power generation.

In addition, the truck body had to be large enough to accommodate personnel working inside the specialty vehicle without feeling cramped. Efficient space utilization was a critical element in building a world-class bomb response specialty vehicle.

The Solution

After carefully analyzing the requirements, we designed and developed a specialty vehicle with precise placement of storage compartments and access doors. Working closely with our customer’s up-fit team our engineers provided many options and were able to quickly determine the optimum storage configuration for this vehicle.

We built roll-up doors specifically designed for the storage of bomb suits and other demolition tools. The vehicle was also equipped with a step-down floor for easy access to the robot compartment and a rear ramp for rapid robot deployment.

Given our experience building over 7,000 vehicles, in the last two decades alone, we were able to quickly scale our standard specialty vehicle design to accommodate the specialized chassis system required for this type of unit. Thus, bringing the vehicle to market in a shorter amount of time and with exceptional quality.

The Outcome

The North Carolina SBI received a specialty vehicle with an optimum design that allowed them to more efficiently accommodate equipment and personnel. The new specialty vehicle manufactured by Mickey Engineered Vehicles saves money to the SBI and provides a comfortable environment for their Bomb Squad Transportation Unity personnel, who can concentrate on their job without worrying about the space constraints from older, less-efficient vehicles.

Bomb Squad transportation unit on parking lot


  • Flexible design
  • Optimize storage capacity
  • Rapid deployment of mission critical equipment
  • Comfortable riding environment

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