Case Study: March of Dimes Mobile Mammography Unit

Case Study: March of Dimes Mobile Mammography Unit

The Challenge

The March of Dimes strives to develop and implement local programs that will ultimately improve the health of babies and mothers. One of the many services the March of Dimes provides is the deployment of mobile mammography vehicles throughout the country.

The March of Dimes wanted state-of-the-art mobile mammography vehicles that could accommodate their specialized equipment and provide a sense of comfort to patients.

The Solution

Mickey Engineered Vehicles designed and manufactured a specialty vehicle with an all-aluminum body that created a spacious environment. Our specialty medical design allowed each vehicle to be outfitted with multiple air conditioning (AC) roof-top units, as well as a skylight combination, in order to create appropriate environments for the reception area, changing room, examination room, and post-exam areas. In addition, we integrated this specialized truck body on a bus chassis or alternate truck chassis depending on the intended operating environment.

The Outcome

Mickey Engineered Vehicles developed a state-of-the-art mobile mammography specialty vehicle that is ergonomically superior and developed at less cost by using our flexible design and service delivery approach.

With the new mobile mammography units developed by Mickey Engineered Vehicles, we are helping the March of Dimes deliver health care in a comfortable setting to women all around the country.

March of Dimes mobile mammography unit


  • Custom built, all-aluminum body integrated with bus chassis for walkthrough access.
  • Larger width body to provide more spacious interior.
  • Multiple AC units for better control of the inside environment.
  • Optional skylight to provide a more pleasing patient environment.

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