Case Study: U.S. Army National Guard Mobile Communications Vehicles

Case Study: U.S. Army National Guard

The Challenge

The National Guard is the oldest component of the Armed Forces of the United States and one of the nation’s longest-enduring institutions.

In order to support their mission and respond to domestic emergencies, combat missions, counterdrug, and reconstruction missions, the National Guard required reliable specialty vehicles that could enable robust emergency services communications and tactical operations capabilities.

Their communications specialty vehicles had to be outfitted with state-of-the-art communications interoperability that bridged the gap between the dissimilar systems of first responders, government agencies, local municipalities and defense personnel.

The efficient utilization of space to accommodate large amounts of communications equipment in the truck body of the specialty vehicle was very important, as well as the design of a dual-level roofline to allow the fit-up of an array of tall antennae and satellite dish protection.

The Solution

Mickey Engineered Vehicles was able to quickly standardize production methods to rapidly engineer and produce multiple specialty vehicles that conformed precisely to detailed specifications provided by the National Guard.

Our team worked closely with our customer’s development team to iterate through initial design concepts in order to optimize the generator compartments, dual-level roofline, and space utilization inside the custom truck body of the specialty vehicle.

The specialty vehicle was designed with a proprietary, reinforced aluminum tubular design to ensure the vehicle stayed intact in case of rollovers or serious collision. This was accomplished by using a unique configuration of aluminum extrusions that we provide as a standard value added to all of our specialty vehicles.

We designed special compartments to allow for connectivity of personal computers from outside the specialty vehicle, as well as the installation of a large power generation system, which is used by responders to establish an expansive command center from outside the specialty vehicle.

Given these vehicles must perform such a wide range of missions, we were careful to provide a specialty vehicle that could be easily reconfigured by incorporating specialized mounting systems for quick installation of communications equipment.

The dual-level roof helped protect satellite dishes from protruding too high and getting damaged during travel.

The Outcome

The communications specialty vehicles developed by Mickey Engineered Vehicles were successfully deployed for operation in the Southeast and Midwest United States and provided tremendous value given the significant amount of innovations. These specialty vehicles were part of a critical modernization program and are currently in operation and helping the National Guard to respond more effectively and timely to emergencies and anti-terrorism missions.

U.S. Army National Guard mobile communications unit


  • Reinforced aluminum tubular design provided added protection to vehicle in case of rollovers or collision.
  • Special compartments for easy connectivity of computer equipment.
  • Dual-level roof to protect satellite dishes.

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